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Thanks for prompt reply. With it being A3 size its a bit too wide to get in my location.
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  On 18/11/17 17:19, A Pearson via Durham wrote:
  > Hello
  > I gather getting printers for use on Linux is not straight forward and
  > some companies do not seem to produce drivers.
  > Although Epson and HP seem to cover the issue, not all Canon Printers
  > seem to be compatible.
  > I have used Epson in the past on Windows but found they wasted the
  > majority of ink on cleaning rather than occasional printing, and been
  > put off HP by their antics over the years.
  > So it back to trusty Canon, unless you put me off. I need to buy a
  > replacement for a very old Canon on my internet machines that
  > accommodates Win XP, Win 7, and Linux. Many printers now do not now
  > cater for XP but I see it is possible to get drivers from Canon for the
  > Pixma MG5750. all in one with scanner and 32/64Bit for Linux.
  > On one computer I have Linux Mint 64 Bit with Cinnamon. (A recent install)
  > I believe Mint is base on a Ubuntu fork and ultimately derived from
  > Debian. Am I that correct?
  > The reason for asking is that there are a number of drivers each for
  > scanner or printer. I am assuming the ones I need are the two named
  > Debian Package Archive (not rpm- RedHat). Source files are also shown
  > but I assume I will not need those, presumably they are for the experts
  > doing compiling?
  > Hope you can advise me as I have got fed up trying unblock a print head
  > and hope to make a new purchase this weekend.
  > Many thanks
  > Alan

  Hi Alan,

  Brother also provide Linux drivers. I have been using this model for the
  last year, and have been very happy. You will see that it has drivers
  for all of your requirements:


  Barry T

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