[Durham] Magazines and books on offer

William will.i.am at virgin.net
Sun Sep 16 09:06:35 UTC 2018

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.  I'm afraid scanning the magazines 
would be infringing copyright and I don't the have time to do this 
(besides I believe that Linux Format magazine has an entire archive of 
back copies on their website).

In any case, someone has taken the Linux Format magazines.  (The books 
and .net magazines are still available, but will likely be recycled 


On 15/09/18 20:16, Edmund Fisher via Durham wrote:
> Have you thought about posting on forums or newsgroups you frequent to
> ask if there are any issues in particular that people would be
> interested in? If so and you have a sheet fed scanner you could scan
> the whole thing in rather quickly and put it online. Not sure on the
> copyright restrictions for this mind!
> As a young Linux hobbyist I would be interested in these, however I'm
> currently in a country without a working postal system...
> --
> Kind Regards,
> Ed
> On Fri, Sep 7, 2018 at 12:07 AM, William via Durham
> <durham at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm doing a clear out and have 13 years of Linux Format magazines looking
>> for a good home.  Let me know if you are interested before I recycle them.
>> I have issue 73 (November 2005) to issue 232 (January 2018).  I should have
>> most of the CDs/DVDs too if you are interested.
>> Also on offer are .net magazines - issue 199 (March 2010) to issue 306 (June
>> 2018).
>> And I have a selection of old computer books on subjects such as Slackware
>> Linux, PHP, MySQL, Java, AutoCAD, Web accessibility etc.
>> Collection from Newcastle NE4.
>> Let me know if you are interested.
>> William
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