[Gllug] Battlefield Earth

Axel Segebrecht alexander at smatrix.de
Tue Jun 26 22:09:02 UTC 2001

Neil wrote:

NL> I usually see anything that has lasers in it but the
NL> reviews were just so bad that I stayed away. Naturaly
NL> its association with the Scientologists wasnt exactly
NL> a pull either..

that's why i never read "critics" :) and i didn't know
anything about the movie apart from having seen the 3dfx
previews when it was in post production... .

NL> Nope, I cant believe Travolta et al would have appeared
NL> in something that deliberately put the Scientoligists
NL> in bad light..sure you didnt erm...'misinterpret'? :-)

hm? that's the reason for posting it to the list. i dunno,
maybe it's just a typical example of how people think they
can sway others opinions. the movie certainly does NOT put
them in a bad light when one doesn't know much about what
Scientology really are doing (...).

for example: let's say i only know hear-say (no not the group)
about Scientology and watch the movie - i realise that it
was written by Hubbard and because of the message in it i figure
(ergo) Scientology support the "good" guys and are anti-capitalism
(or what ever you wish to call it. because someone would support
a publication that potentially puts them into a "bad light" -
right?! so i hence they did it to sway 'em... didn't they?

well, it's just Scientology...

rg, Axel

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