[Gllug] lilo and monolithic kernels mystery

jim smith jim at xoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 22 11:35:46 UTC 2001

>On Fri, Jun 22, 2001 at 12:03:04PM +0100, jim smith wrote:
>>  machine to boot, however lilo doesn't seem to have built a new
>>  System.map file for the system which is causing warnings all over the
>>  place.
>lilo isn't anything to do with System.map. Copy src/linux/System.map to
>/boot/System.map-{version} and it will work.

ack. scales fall from eyes etc. this is a happy day. thanks alex...

lilo makes map and not System.map - got confused

funny: i'd have though make bzlilo would have sussed that, but evidently not.

>  > the problem as far as i can make out is that lilo gets confused by
>>  the lack of a ramdisk file for my kernel
>Remove the initrd= line.

already done

>You are using a new lilo entry for this, rather than reusing the old one,
>aren't you??

oh yes...

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