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jim smith jim at xoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 10:08:31 UTC 2001

><slightly off-topic>
>Just finished watching "Battlefield Earth" and
>can't help but noticing that it is an excellent
>movie (story, fx, ending, etc.).
>One thing that strikes me though is - and I didn't
>know b4 - that it is based on a novel by Ron
>'Mr Scientology' Hubbard (feat. Jon Travolta in
>lead role).
>The story is about an evil alien race taking
>over Earth for their profit - these aliens are
>a bit like a x.over between Klingons and Fehrengi
>(forgive my spelling). The essence is that financial
>or material profit is "bad", however Hubbard
>(and the rest) are like the evil gold sucking
>bastards in his own movie.
>Is it just mend to portrait him in a "better" light
>by "teaching" the opposite of what Scientology
>stands for? Or have I been wrong all along... .

there's a Scientologist outpost conveniently placed for the TCR 
fairs, you could always go and ask them there.

i don't think you'd find that scientologists would be happy being 
described as "evil gold-sucking bastards" - as far as a scientologist 
is concerned she gives a tithe to the church, as is still traditional 
among more established religions (although these don't ask you to 
believe in Thetans or claim to be giving your brain a check-up with a 
rheostat and a battery - on the other hand they do tend to ask you to 
believe they can turn  bread into flesh)

as to what scientologists really stand for? certainly not anonymous 



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