[Gllug] MS IntelliMouse Explorer

Vincent AE Scott vince at codex.net
Thu Jun 28 15:17:34 UTC 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Tet wrote:

> >Are you sure your KVM switch is supposed to support Sun hardware? They don't 
> >use PS/2 keyboards after all.
> No, but it does use a standard VGA monitor. I'm using the Sun keyboard
> and mouse (USB -- it's a Blade 100).
> Also, I noticed that the Belkin box doesn't liek you not having the keyboard
> plugged in, which may be part of the problem with the Sun. No idea why the
> Alpha doesn't work, though.

dont know about USB on sun, but with a 'normal' connector, whatever type
that is, if it's not plugged in at boot time, the bios reckons your
running headless, and sends the console to the serial port.  if you then
plug in a keyboard it generates a break signal, dropping the machine to
the prompt IIRC.  maybe thats what you were witnessing?


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