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If people are really into their cabling and networking can I recomend a 

The Network Adminisrator's Reference ISBN 0-07-882588-1

it covers the whole ISO 7 layer model including some good chapters on LAN 
and WAN cabling systems.  I will warn people though it is a bit Windowscentric 
but it really helps me to understand the bigger picture.  If people have 
another book they could recomend for this kind of stuff please let me know 
as being a book junkie I am allways on the look out for a good new text.

Thanks Jim

At Fri, 22 Jun 2001 11:09:45 +0100, "Jackson, Harry" <HJackson at colt-telecom.com> 

>Oh the joys of cables and the world of impedance matching. Impedance
>matching is a science in itself and you can go as deep as you want and 
>not find the bottom. 
>Please read below for a little intro to the world of cabling. bThis 
>is by no
>means a definitive guide to the exciting world of metal string but for 
>novice it is a bit of an eye opener.
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