[Gllug] Blackbox backgrounds

Stig Brautaset stigbrau at online.no
Wed Jun 27 21:03:18 UTC 2001

Harvey Kelly <kellyh at clara.co.uk> writes:

> Dear all,
> I'm having trouble with the themes that I've downloaded for Blackbox
> (Enlightenment is boring me now - too big, too slow): I don't get any
> background.
> The docs that I've looked at tell me that if the background is specified
> in the Style not to touch it, but I've messed around with different things
> to no avail.  Both themes that I've tried getting to work have the lines
> as:
> rootCommand: Esetroot ~/.blackbox/Backgrounds/******.gif
> rootCommand: Esetroot -display :0.0 ~/.blackbox/Backgrounds/*******.jpg

Do you have the program Esetroot installed then? My system has a line
like this in my favourite style-file:

rootCommand: bsetbg -full ~/.blackbox/backgrounds/fook.png

I then have some settings in a file called ~/.bsetbgrc , but I think
that in the end bsetbg is just a wrapper for xv, so if xv is not
installed then you will not get a nice picture.

There might be several ways to skin this cat, so I doubt not that your
system may have it different.

Cheers, Stig
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