[Gllug] fscked Tape Drives

Andy Loates andy at the-bizz.demon.co.uk
Mon Jun 25 23:33:45 UTC 2001

Hi all

This is a bit of a long shot but i'm hoping someone out there will know the

I have an old Colorado 250MB tape drive that has been happily backing up my
data files weekly over the past few years. I had ten tapes, using them in
rotation. Over the last year or so some have been breaking (guess what's
coming next!!).

Last weekend Linux server system went belly up with a HD failure. New HD
installed, RH 6.0 re-configured and running, (Another Story) time to restore
all my data files (Mostly Docs, Spreadsheets, but most important M$ Access
data tables which hold 7 years Invoice data & Client addresses). This
evening (& Night now) I have been attempting to restore these files. I
started with 7 Tapes, 5 have now broken and the other 2 are only part
volumes and don't have the Access files on them.

My request is, Does any one know if a) it is possible to repair these tapes
(QIC-80 0.25" DC2120 type) and if so b) where to get it done.

On the subject of the reinstall I originally decided to upgrade the server
system to Mandrake 7.2 as am using it as a workstation and it seemed to be
very well put together. However after 2 days trying to configure it as a
server I gave up and put in RH6.0.

It took over 4 hours to install the Mandrake system (onto 233 AMD K2 machine
with 64MB ram) whereas RH6 took 35 mins for the basic install. Then no way
could I get the printer configured to work - Does CUPS suck or what!

Here's hoping you can help

Many thanks

Andy Loates

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