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Richard Cohen richard at vmlinuz.org
Fri Jun 22 09:43:30 UTC 2001

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001, David Irvine wrote:

> I was like... 'really?!'
> > Is that the truth? I think he was also taking into account your salaries.
> "Unix" is probably quite expensive licensing wise, i don't know for sure,
> but i vaguely remember having a similar discussion with the unix geeks at
> CNM/CISD but they use solaris and other coorporate unices, i vaguesly
> remember talk of a £3000 solstace backup license, so i guess it probably is
> more expensive than NT license wise, although it pays for itself with the
> loss in down time.  The same goes for Oracle, (No not unix but...) i seem to
> recall that a license for a unix box worked out more expensive.

Unless you've got a big box (more than 8 processors), Solaris itself is
free.  We charge $75 for the media (I know, silly number), but you can
download it for free if you have enough bandwidth, and a single media
kit/download can be installed on as many boxes as you want.

Solstice isn't free, of course, but I don't think you find *any* free,
enterprise-class backup software, on Linux, Unix or NT...

> It all depends on stratagey, if they chose gnu/free software like linux and
> use postgresql as their dbms then they only have a few expensive tech
> salaries, however if they want to stay on the coorporate band wagon then it
> will cost more on licenses. How else do the manufacturers pay for the
> expensive manuals??

I don't know how complete it is, but there's an incredible amount of
documentation at docs.sun.com (and doc.sco.com and
http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/aix/library/index.html - probably).

> /my two cents

Enough corporate shilling for me today...  Commercial Unix vendors may not
be as 'good' as Linux vendors, but it's not fair to put us into the same
bracket as Microsoft.

> D


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