[Gllug] oops talk stuff now online

Simon Trimmer simon at urbanmyth.org
Wed Jun 27 11:51:04 UTC 2001

Hey All,

The Stuff from the Kernel Debugging talk this weekend is now up on

I was a bit startled by the technical trouble we had, here's a few things I
forgot to metion;

- the strangeness matching the assembler up to the C could have been caused
  by a compiler bug. It is not unknown for gcc to be completely broken
- the --source option to objdump shows the source before the C preprocessor
  has done it's stuff (substituting macros etc.)
- the linux kernel stack is very small, only 8K in size, so the chances of
  bad code overflowing it are quite high. This can be a real git to track
  down, since usually the kernel will panic all over the place.
- most of the concepts are applicable to other operating systems
- I said it a few times, but "there really is more than one way to do it"

Simon Trimmer <simon at urbanmyth.org>

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