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Axel Segebrecht alexander at smatrix.de
Tue Jun 26 21:36:41 UTC 2001

<slightly off-topic>

Just finished watching "Battlefield Earth" and
can't help but noticing that it is an excellent
movie (story, fx, ending, etc.).

One thing that strikes me though is - and I didn't
know b4 - that it is based on a novel by Ron
'Mr Scientology' Hubbard (feat. Jon Travolta in
lead role).

The story is about an evil alien race taking
over Earth for their profit - these aliens are
a bit like a x.over between Klingons and Fehrengi
(forgive my spelling). The essence is that financial
or material profit is "bad", however Hubbard
(and the rest) are like the evil gold sucking
bastards in his own movie.

Is it just mend to portrait him in a "better" light
by "teaching" the opposite of what Scientology
stands for? Or have I been wrong all along... .

rg, Axel
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