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Simon Furey simon at cadre.tv
Wed Jun 27 12:18:12 UTC 2001

Dear All,

My name is Simon Furey and I have recently set up with my partner (Sharon
Drislane) an IT Recruitment Agency.  We do not specialise solely in linux but
have a strong linux / unix bent.  We also run our office desktops and servers
on suse 7.1 with mysql and a GTK database frontend so we are not entirely
I hope that if any of you professsionals out there are looking for either a new
permanent or contract position or to recruit a collegue you might give us an

Anyway thamnks for everyones time and I hope this conforms to "POLICY":

#No postings from agencies.  If you are a new agency that deals specifically with Linux jobs then you should post just the one 'ADVERT: ' message, then those looking for jobs will know where to find you#

Our contact details are 

Cadre IT Limited
95 Ruston Road
SE18 5QY

Switch 020 8854 6400
Fax 020 8854 6414

email simon at cadre.tv
	sharon at cadre.tv

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