[Gllug] automagic DISPLAYs

Kim Hawtin kim at aldigital.co.uk
Tue Sep 18 12:51:02 UTC 2001

> >You could make a static one, or you could use scp to copy around the
> >authority file.
> Speaking of scp, does anyone know about getting a version of scp with
> large file support? I know one of the minor Linux distributions made
> the necessary changes, but I couldn't find source anywhere. I've got
> to copy around 25GB Oracle data files. Not regularly, but when I do,
> I want to just scp them -- at the moment, I kludgily split the file
> first, send the peices and reassemble at the remote end. Oh, and it's
> got to work on both Solaris and Linux (shouldn't be too hard, but I'm
> getting wary of the number of Linux-only apps I'm seeing these days).

could you not use something like piping it through netcat or netpipe?



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