[Gllug] Video card recommendation

tet at accucard.com tet at accucard.com
Mon Sep 3 13:55:16 UTC 2001

>Could be that those nice folk at RH decided to put mga_hal.o in
>/usr/X11R6/modules/drivers/ - if so, they've put the proprietary driver
>section into the package.

No, they didn't. The HAL library is only needed for the G200 and G400.
The G450 driver contains native support for things like dual head etc.,
which previous relied on the (closed source) HAL library. All I have is
the standard mga_drv.o (and mga_dri.so), and it all works just fine...

BTW, given Red Hat's policy on closed source software, I'd find it
*very* surprising if they had chosen to ship closed source drivers
for XFree86.


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