[Gllug] Linux Install Day - work goes on. Media coverage

Jim jim at lateral.net
Sat Apr 20 02:00:45 UTC 2002

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 10:41:03AM +0100, Colin Murphy wrote:
> www.linuxinstallday.org
> What are peoples thoughts on getting some local media coverage involved?  
> Too much of a tigers tail?

It shouldn't be too bad as long as we have everything well prepared in

then contact local radio and TV stations, listing mags and local newspapers
such as the South London Press and it ilk.  Although after some recent
threads on here are to believed it may end up been covered as national
XP day. ;-)

If know one else wants the job or minds me doing it I will chase up the
press for this one.   Though I will need a rough draft of everything
that is going on or ideally a completed press release to work with.

Peace Jim

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