[Gllug] (OT) End of copying CD's?

Jonathan Dye jonathan.dye at automationpartnership.com
Wed Apr 10 11:10:16 UTC 2002

At 13:56 10/04/02 +0100, you wrote:
>FWIW radio stations often get plain-wrap CDs (as well as copious normal
>ones) from the distribution companies. More or less analogous to the MSDN
>distributions of M$ bits and pieces.
>Distribution companies know which side their bread is buttered on. They'll
>do anything to ensure that radio stations have plenty of music in whatever
>format they want. They could of course use something like steganography(?)
>to tag the music so they can find the source of the leaks after the fact.
>I have no faith the ability of this sort of copy protection to work
>indefinitely. People will just make programs to play the CD and encode the
>audio stream. Quality will suffer a bit and ripping will take longer, but it
>wont stop by any measure.

Quality doesn't even have to suffer.  With most 'normal' CD players now
having digital output, soundcards also having digital inputs and a large
number of CD decks having some sort of remote control input (I mean a
socket rather than IR but that could work too), you just need some software
to play the CD and read in the digital stream through your soundcard.


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>> On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 01:22:42PM +0100, Robert Wood wrote:
>> > Is this likely to affect all pc's or just windoze only systems?
>> >
>> > (taken from http://special.reserve.co.uk/news/story.php?id=1639)
>> While I don't listen to that kind of thing myself, the new Shakira
>> album is also protected. Can't be read in my Mac or PC, which was a
>> PITA, cos I wanted a line from the current single as a startup
>> noise[1]
>> Naturally, I advised the owner of the CD to take it back, claiming
>> that it was faulty.
>> On a side note, this is going to really do in commercial radio; these
>> guys copy the audio from their CDs onto digital playout systems before
>> they get played, cos CDs are too likely to get damaged (amongst other
>> reasons) If they can't promote the singles, I'd expect the record
>> company's profit to slide, which will no doubt be blamed on piracy[2]
>> Cheers,
>> Simon
>> [1] "Lucky that my breasts are small and humble, so you won't mistake
>>      them for mountains", FWIW
>> [2] Correctly, as it happens, cos there wouldn't be the problem
>>     without all the anti-piracy measures....
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