[Gllug] I do not like this person

Formi formi at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Apr 15 00:43:09 UTC 2002

On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, John Southern wrote:

> Formi wrote:
> >   The problem with sales people, politicians , journos, and so and so, is
> >  that they lie so much that they end up believing what they say.
> >
> >  This a recognized "mental dissorder", some do have "evil" intentions
> >  but others are being fooled by themselfes.
> I always tell lies.

 OK, if you "always" tell lies the above statement is not true,
 my brain has gone into a loop...

 If you felt refered to, do remenber that generalizations, are so 
 because they are not true in all cases. 

                      I always take everything with a pinch of salt.


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