[Gllug] DNS - identifying primary nameserver

Jim Cheetham jim.gllug at gonzul.net
Wed Apr 10 13:29:15 UTC 2002

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 02:12:49PM +0100, Paul Brazier wrote:
> > > Slightly OT but is there a way of telling which DNS server is the
> > > primary/master for a zone and which ones are the secondary/slaves?
> > > (assuming I don't have access to the /etc/named.conf)

The only definition of 'master' from the outside is the contents of your
relevant registry's WHOIS data.

>From inside, a named is 'master' if the config file tells it that it is,
i.e. you're loading the zone from a file on disk.
(A slave will also have a disk file, but it's using it for cache data)

> I've got a DNS server that is configured to be a master for its zones
> but isn't acting as I would expect. I was wondering if I could diagnose

When changing the zone file on disk, and reloading the zone, please
remember that the most common mistake is to not update the serial number
on the zone.

Even people who manage thousands of domains (been there) forget to
increment the serial number. (been there, too).

And if you're thinking of making changes to a zone, drop the TTL value
to something less than a day, to help the changes propogate into the
wider world ... 5 minutes isn't a bad number.


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