[Gllug] Masquerading problem.

Mwana-Tambwe, Maurice maurice.mwana-tambwe at eds.com
Fri Apr 19 16:10:23 UTC 2002


I use Linux Caldera and I'm trying to setup masquerading so that my internet
connection can be shared with Windows machines. So far I trying with only
one Win98 machine and it doesn't work.

Test on the Linux machine has shown that the configuration is fine but the
problem is with the Win98 configuration. I'm using a static IP address on
both Linux sever and Win98. Is that right? I put the IP address of the Linux
server as gateway in Win98. The firewall in my Linux sever says that my
network is being masqueraded.

Can you, please, help me find out why my Win98 can't ping any machine on the



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