[Gllug] compiling 2.5 kernels

Dave Jones davej at suse.de
Thu Apr 18 15:57:16 UTC 2002

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 03:47:34PM +0100, tet at accucard.com wrote:
 > Just curious... does anyone know the reasoning behind this? Nix?
 > So long as it expands to a suitably quoted string, why should the
 > compiler complain? I assume the expansion is done by the compiler,
 > rather than the preprocessor... could this have something to do
 > with it?

AFAICR, concatenation of such things is deprecated in the C99 standard.
Neil Booth (one of the gcc folks, and another local guy -- don't think
he's on GLLUG though) explained it to me in depth one evening, but
unfortunatly it was one of those special development meetings that
tend to happen in pubs. *hic*

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