[Gllug] I do not like this person

Formi formi at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Apr 15 00:14:08 UTC 2002

  The problem with sales people, politicians , journos, and so and so, is 
 that they lie so much that they end up believing what they say.
 This a recognized "mental dissorder", some do have "evil" intentions
 but others are being fooled by themselfes.


On Sun, 14 Apr 2002, Vincent AE Scott wrote:

> Adrian McMenamin(adrian at mcmen.demon.co.uk)@Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 06:47:42PM +0100:
> > On Sunday 14 Apr 2002 6:13 pm, Vincent AE Scott wrote:
> > > Adrian McMenamin(adrian at mcmen.demon.co.uk)@Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 05:46:39PM 
> > +0100:
> > > > Until Linux starts making serious money people in the FT are going to
> > > > continue tweaking our noses.
> > >
> > > are you saying that the FT only has respect for products/services that
> > > have clearly been shown to make as much money as possible?
> > >
> > > well i can believe that, after all the hint is in the name.  ahh,
> > > ignorance is bliss, we'll take over the world with our (free|open)
> > > software and then depose them from the exalted positions they have
> > > over us.
> > 
> > Except that it's not is it - not in terms of real user experience. People at 
> > desks are using MS Word on Windows NT.
> not 100% true, but i know what you mean.  the market is driven by what
> people can see.  if you cant see a web server, then most arent going to
> have a clue about what it runs on.
> > Server companies selling Linux are struggling to make any money at all. (With 
> > the possible exception of IBM).
> > 
> > Money is needed to pay for innovation and development - and MS has plenty of 
> > that.
> but then again, time is money.  and MS tend to buy technology, rather
> than invent it.  
> > And, no, that is not what I am saying about the FT: but until Linux either 
> > ends up on the desktop or is seen as serious commercial/profitable option, 
> > then those who write about IT will continue to be sceptical.
> it's certainly a perception thing.  until the likes of (open|star)office
> become prevalent then the desktop will remain the realm of MS and Apple.
> i think we are rather lucky tho, linux et al are driven by a large group
> of people, who are not about to give it up.  IMHO we are likely to get
> more converts from MS than they are from our camp.  and given that 98%
> odd of desktops run MS, then we have a large potential user base to
> attract.  whereas MS aint going to convince die hard tech's to switch
> over.
> > I see no sign of Linux winning on the desktop at the moment, so its serious 
> > money from servers that will win the war, I think.
> possibly, but their's not a lot of visibility for joe public in servers.  

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