[Gllug] vnc server / M$ license conflict

Murray murray at minty.org
Sat Apr 27 21:09:24 UTC 2002

I am probably missing some fundemental part of the mighty Windows, but using
VNC, unlike Terminal (nice name) Services, you can still only really have
one logged-in-account per box at a time. That account has the license.

Use of VNC would be like attaching multiple monitors/keyboards to the same
(Windows) computer/login/desktop.  MS aren't going to charge you for having
two or monitors displaying the same desktop, even if two people are using

VNC simply connects to an existing Windows login/desktop.  It doesn't let
you emulate X-esque behaviour and have multiple desktops for multiple users
on a single box. That's what Terminal Services does, for which you have a
fairly well defined licensing policy.

which afaik let's you have any number of connections for the purposes of
"admin" at no extra cost.  you pay for having multiple "users" sharing the
same box.

thus, if your use is admin based, and you leave your Windows admin account
logged in (but locked) and then want to use VNC to remotely connect and do
admin type things (reading gllug for instance) I can't see why it should be
a problem.

But I am probably missing something obvious....

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> On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 05:21:37AM +0100, E. R. Vaughan wrote:
> > I am interested in this too. VNC isn't exactly a "client" in
> the usual NT
> > sense, i.e. accessing smb shares, and logging on to the, ahem,
> domain. Surely
> > it is just an interface to look at your desktop and use the
> keyboard/mouse?
> > What if you had a VGA cable splitter and ran a cable into
> another office to
> > display there, would that be allowed?
> Well, if I get more details from our IT guys I'll pass them on. This is
> their decision, so they might be wrong, but their spyware will still
> notice if I'm running the server part of VNC :-)
> (Would a vnc server build and run under cygwin? Hmmm ... :-)
> But, the licensing issue they have identified seems to be much more
> along the lines of a "non-microsoft-license-holding machine" cannot be
> used to remote control a windows box, presumably because it doesn't have
> a license allowing it to benefit from the pleasure of using the GUI.
> I don't believe this can be generalised into SMB shares and so on,
> otherwise it would be a breach of license to even submit a print job to
> a windows network from elsewhere. Yes, I'm sure they would restrict this
> if they could :-)
> -jim
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