[Gllug] Re: [OxLUG] disk hardware config

Tim Whitworth tim at fsel.com
Fri Apr 26 12:46:31 UTC 2002

> Hi,
> I have recently got myself a 'crash & burn' machine - purpose testing
> things out without having to worry if I totally screw up the machine
> config.
> It is a Duron, lots of memory & the usual collection of bits.
> I got a couple of spare 40Gb hard disks so that I can be playing with
> different things at the same time: just swap the disk around &
> voila a new system to mess with.
> The trouble is that swapping disks involves lifting the lid & pushing in
> or extracting those tiny jumpers on the back of the disk, so that one
> disk is the boot/master disk - fiddley. I could just pull out the data cable &
> leave one in -- but it is sometimes nice to be able to see one disk when
> booted from another.
> Question:
> Does anyone know where I can get something to plug into the jumpers
> so that I can do this from a switch or something ?

In the bios that came with the motherboard on my home machine, you can
tell the bios in which order to try disks for boot. It's probably
worth checking your machine for the same feature. I remember that it
was a little difficult to see - you had to go onto the relevant disk
and press the up-arrow key.

Yrs, Tim

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