[Gllug] CD's etc

t.clarke tim at seacon.co.uk
Thu Apr 11 08:46:35 UTC 2002

I have a feeling that people pirate these sorts of things because they perceive
the original article to be a rip-off.

For example, despite the fact that CD's now cost a pittance to manufacture,
CD prices seems to have consistently stayed ahead of inflation.  A few years
back I couldn't help noticing that a high-street chain wanted 14-quid for a
'Brothers in Arms' CD (which had been out for absolutely ages) whereas some
budget price classical CD's (which would probably have involved far more
people to produce) were going for a fiver.  I'll happily buy loads of CD's
sub-ten pounds, but over that I am much more selective.    The same goes for
DVD's - its pretty irritating to see the same title on a Video Cassette for
substantially less than a DVD.  Ok, I know DVD is better quality and you get
the 'outakes' etc,  but I though the whole idea of new technology was to
improve mankind's lot, not simply provide a mechanism for film studios and the
like to make even more shedloads of money !


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