[Gllug] Building a system from scratch

Walid Shaari ws at melinux.com
Fri Apr 19 11:00:25 UTC 2002

On Fri, 2002-04-19 at 09:46, John Hearns wrote:

> I'm looking into package management, installation and configuration
> issues at the moment.
> There's a lot of stuff out there (thanks to everyone who replied to
> my post on dpkg stuff).
> I had a quick look at the Archlinux site,
> but it didn't have much to say about Pacman.
> Are you willing to say a little bit about it?
> And given that apt-get is possible on RPM based systems,
> why should I be interested?

John, pacman is at its infancy, its not superior to any other package
management system, it just does the job it is inteneded to do atm, and
will grow as AL grows. think of it as slackware Pakage Mgt. tools with
an extra sync utitily added and thats is pacsync. I have just mentioned
it because its simple in concept and implementation.

on the other hand regarding Package managemnt! the LSB seems to
reccomend a system based on RPM somehow!! so that rules tools such as
pacman out in the mainstream distros. 

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