[Gllug] Squid Messages

Jonathan Harker jharker at tridex.co.uk
Tue Apr 23 13:13:44 UTC 2002

On Sunday 21 April 2002 3:18 pm, Sean Burlington wrote:
 >  Hi,
 >  I have been collecting a few ad sites addesses and banning them with
 >  squid, and I find the messages I keep getting in the place of the banned
 >  pics a bit annoying.
 >  I edited the error file of squid and reduced it to the bare minimum, as
 >  shown below:
 >  Access Denied.
 >  Generated Sun, 21 Apr 2002 11:25:03 GMT by xxx.homelan.org
 > (Squid/2.4.STABLE4)
 >  Is there any way to stop squid from showing anything?
 >  Is there any interactive way of adding addresses to the acl lists?

I use junkbuster, which is pretty gnarly at crunching banner ads, offensive 
cookies and dodgy referrer requests. Apparently it works well as a proxy 
chained to squid, though I haven't tried that setup. I have a standalone 
box so I just use it as a proxy for browsing. It replaces banners with a 
1x1 transparent gif, which is quite nifty.



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