[Gllug] Modem commands (No politics)

Formi formi at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Apr 13 16:35:29 UTC 2002

 Hi fellas and ladies,

 I'll try to give details of the problem, basically
 we are three people using the dial-up connection at home.

 We all use the same telephone line, now my idea revolves 
 around creating a cron job that checks if the line is being
 used and acts in consecuence...

 There is the slight problem that the Imac in the house tends
 to leave the line in an odd state. Meaning I can hear a bleeping 

 That fools the modem into believing the line is being used, 
 when it is not.

 I think the rest of it can be guessed by the brilliant minds in the


 The modem in question is an internal Hayes Accura 33.6.

 Any pointers appreciated.

                                              My beautiful self.

 P.D.: If any of you feels the urge of making a comment about 
 the speed of my modem, just send me an email and I'll provide
 and address where you can post me a better one.

 P.D. v2: Tushar, my stomach didn't appreciate the indian food,
 and spend a good couple of hours producing funny noises. 
 I don't like monopolies (curry), so may I kindly suggest 
 we think about trying different cuisines... 

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