[Gllug] I do not like this person

Vincent AE Scott gllug at codex.net
Sun Apr 14 16:43:14 UTC 2002

Adrian McMenamin(adrian at mcmen.demon.co.uk)@Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 05:07:54PM +0100:
> On Sunday 14 Apr 2002 4:23 pm, Vincent AE Scott wrote:
> > never trust a journo.  they only have their own self interests at heart,
> > and in many (but not all) situations this biases their views.
> Yes, good to know that Linux users are as guilty of the same sweeping, 
> prejudice-based, assertions that they so damn others for.

bobbins, i just sent an email to Adrian, and didnt Cc: it back to the
list.  oh, and i didnt Fcc it either.  oh well.

everyone is predjudiced at some point, we are all the sum of our
experiences.  and we each serve our on selfish interests.  my
synapsis tell me that you should never take anything at face value. (1)
journo's and politicians IMO frequently do not warrant my trust to
provide impartial advice and information, each has their own hidden
agenda, which every now and again coincides with my views.

your quite a popular person yourself in the press i see from a quick
google.  i never realized that a london linux user group had such a wide

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