[OT] Re: [Gllug] RE: [Glut] Official country code for Britain = GB or UK? Now Way OT

Vincent AE Scott gllug at codex.net
Sun Apr 14 23:47:40 UTC 2002

Ben Harwood(benguin at blueyonder.co.uk)@Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 12:35:03AM +0100:
> Perhaps I'm being ignorant of historical russian humour, but all of the
> jokes so far haven't even been close to being funny, and seem to be muddled
> everytime. It seems that even when formulated correctly, I won't be needing
> to sow my sides together afterwards. Perhaps I am missing something?

no, i dont think your missing anything.  not all 'jokes' are funny to
all people.  i'd guess that if you either had strong socialist leanings,
or an understanding of communist russia you might find them whimsical.

altho, i must say, even by normal gllug standards they've been pretty
poor so far.

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