[Gllug] Setting up ntl cable modem/DHCP?

Kim Hawtin kim at aldigital.co.uk
Sun Apr 21 15:16:58 UTC 2002

> > the cable modem appears not to be able to assign a dhcp lease to any
> > other MAC than the one it was setup with...
> > 
> > if i set my eth0 to and point a web browser to
> >, IIRC, then i can get a page with all the details
> > about how its setup... like what the MAC is that its set to give the
> > dhcp lease to.
> I'm using blueyonder, and they have a selfcare webpage that lets you 
> assign up to five mac addressess that can be used on the conection.
> However you do need to reboot/power cycle the modem to force the modem
> to check which mac address is in current use.
> That's using a Surfboard SB4100 cable modem though

i think thats what im using, but it wont do more than one MAC
address =( i *have* tried... but it refuses to update the MAC
addresses in it local table =( i have talked to the support people,
and had a fairly senior bod on the line, but they know why it shuld
be locked down to one =(



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