[Gllug] Copy-protected CD's

Tushar Joshi tjoshi at lonix.org.uk
Fri Apr 12 13:31:13 UTC 2002

Sorry but I think you guys are missing the point here completely. Copy
Protected CDs are great. I mean would you really want to buy Natalie
Umbrella and Celine Dione Cds!?!? I hope not! The Copy Protected CDs are a
protection for work collegues who don't want to listen to the above crap!


On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 07:20:19PM +0100, Vincent AE Scott wrote:
> Ian Baillie(ibaillie at aladdinsystems.co.uk)@Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 03:07:43PM +0000:
> > Hmm...
> > 
> > I remember setting up a new iMac at work.  I put in an audio CD, which didn't 
> > appear on the desktop, and caused the machine to freeze.  I had to force a 
> > reboot, which the machine refused to do, and wouldn't allow me to eject the 
> > CD either.  This was very annoying, as I had just installed the system on the 
> > Mac and then put a CD in to test the speakers.  After an hour on the phone to 
> > Apple, they ended up sending an Engineer out to remove it.  I then tried it 
> > in a PC and an iBook, and eventhough they wouldn't read the CD, you could 
> > eject it.
> > 
> > CD's should carry a label if they can't be played on a home computer, as this 
> > is a legitimate use of the product.
> just take the CD back to the shop and demand a refund.
> if your feeling like a consumer power advocate, buy anotehr copy and
> repeat the process. 
> personally i'll be doing this when the next CD that i buy is protected.
> the only real way to get companies to take notice is by voting with
> your wallet.  this can be done by demanding a refund, and from wasting
> their time.
> BTW, if you were feeling particularly pi$$ed of, you could always try
> and sue them for damages.
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