[Gllug] 486sx 25 machine - thoughts and comments

Adrian McMenamin adrian at mcmen.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 22:45:36 UTC 2002

On Friday 12 Apr 2002 11:33 pm, Chris Bell wrote:

>    Is it fast enough for a firewall? An ISA 10baseT NIC is not difficult to
> find, and you don't have the usual low memory problem, (computers around
> that age often take the very short SIMMs, and you are limited to about 4MB
> of RAM). Fit two NIC's for an ADSL ethernet to ethernet firewall? Or should
> it be a 486DX to get sufficient speed?

As an additional point - ithe moby has a slot for a 487 co-pro: anybody got 
one of these beasties?

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