[Gllug] PC World Rip-off!!

Frank Kelly fkelly at organictelly.com
Fri Apr 19 17:35:40 UTC 2002

I'm in the middle of doing my tax receipts for 01/02 at the moment (yeah, I 
know, teacher's pet!) and came across something that made me mad!  I recently 
built my own machine, buying a lot of my parts from PC World - I've only just 
noticed they charged me a £14.91 'card-handling' fee for the pleasure of 
swiping my Swich card!  This really pisses me off, because they didn't warn 
me and, had I known, I would not have made the purchase.  I intend to take it 
up with them first thing Monday but thought I should bring the subject up so 
others don't get stung the same way.

Maplin were the source of some components also, but didn't sting me like 

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