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Tushar Joshi tjoshi at lonix.org.uk
Fri Apr 12 17:32:33 UTC 2002

Hi ,

Date:  Mon 29 Apr 2002 
Time:  6.30pm
Place: City University, London EC1
Map: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/streetmap.dll?grid2map?x=531750&y=182750&zoom=1&isp=187&ism=500&arrow=y?86,128 
Tube:  Angel and Barbican 
Phone: (020) 8992 7008

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                    European Copyright Directive Alert

              (A Campaign for Digital Rights Miniconference)

                6.30 for 6.40pm sharp,   Mon 29 April 2002

                       City University,  London EC1

        See  http://acmbc.soi.city.ac.uk>http://acmbc.soi.city.ac.uk  for further information


6.30 Check-in for those who have registered.

6.40 Registrations expire - any free seats go first come, first served;

     Opening announcements

6.45 Alan Cox "Effects of the EUCD on open source software development,
               the software industry and disabled access"; Questions.

         Alan Cox is one of the world's most prominent Open Source
         software developers. He has supervised development of the
         Linux operating system kernel for many years, and is often
         consulted by technology working groups and committees in the
         UK. He has a keen interest in encouraging the development of
         open source software to assist the disabled.

     Alan will talk about the effects the EUCD could have on both open
     source and commercial software development and the provision of
     access to digital media for the disabled.

7.35 break

7.40 Martin Keegan "Technological Protection Measures"; Questions.

         Martin Keegan read law and linguistics at Cambridge and is
         a founder members of the Campaign for Digital Rights.  He
         has spent much of the last six months studying the EUCD.

     Martin's talk will be based on his most recent paper on the EUCD
     clauses concerning technological measures.
         Technological protection measures encapsulate information
     goods and control who can do what with them. This control is
     capable of abuse, and disrupts the assumptions behind many
     existing public policies, such as copyright policy. Legal
     protection for technological measurers (laws such as the DMCA
     and EUCD) should take account of this potential for abuse.
         The talk will examine different levels of technological
     protection for information works, and different levels of legal
     protection to be layered on top of such measures.

8.30 refreshments

9.15 close


Campaign for Digital Rights - speakers, refreshments
Dept. of Computing, City University, London - accomodation etc.
Lonix (London Linux User Group) - on-line registration
ACM British Chapter - general coordination
Open & Distance Learning Unit, Queen Mary, U. of London - recordings

Local organiser:  David Dodson, dcd at soi.city.ac.uk, tel 020-7040-8445.


Note that entry may be refused to late or unregistered attendees.

Entry will be at the REAR ONLY of room A366, in the middle of
College building (the old block) on level 3 (1st floor).

  Via St John Street entrance (under a big hanging clock) (2 mins):

Negotiate the entrance steps and two sets of swing doors.  Follow
the corridor leading away from the street (on `level 2') through
6 more sets of swing doors to the circular stairs (on the right).
Go up one level and turn sharp left on leaving the stairs, into a
corridor leading to A366. Please queue without blocking the way.

Alternatively if you want to use a lift, a hairpin turn around
the staircase on level 2 will lead you to one after a few yards.
In the lift press button 3 for level 3 and turn left on exit.

  Via Northampton Square entrance (3 mins):

Climb the steps to the level 3 walkway above the entrance,
turning right on reaching the walkway.  Follow the walkway along
and around the outside of the refectory into the old (College)
building, keeping going till you reach the circular stairs, then
fork right for A366. Please queue without blocking the corridor.

TRAVEL OPTIONS (with approximate times to a university entrance):

(a) From ANGEL tube station (Northern line, City branch) (8 mins):
On leaving Angel station, turn left (down Islington High Street).
At the nearby crossroads go straight on into St John Street.
Keep going down St John Street for about 500 yards to the
St John Street entrance, underneath the large hanging clock.

(b) From BARBICAN tube station (Circle, Metropolitan and
    Hammersmith-and-City lines) (12 minutes):
On leaving the tube station, turn left up the A1, Aldersgate Street.
You could take a 214 or SL2 bus (see below). Otherwise, four minutes
takes you to a big crossroads with Old St. Carry straight on, now on
Goswell road. Five more minutes takes you to smaller light-controlled
crossroads.  Carry straight on but then take the next left, into
Sebastian Street.  This takes you immediately to Northampton Square
with the entrance to City University around to the right.
(From Farringdon station is a bit quicker to walk, but not describe.)

(c) By Rail:
Approximate walking times if you use a street map well:
  Farringdon (via Clerkenwell Green): 11 mins;
  Old St (via Lever St): 16 mins;
  Blackfriars (via Old Bailey), Kings Cross: 21 mins;
  Moorgate, St Pancras: 23 mins;

  Cannon St, Liverpool St: 28 mins;
  Euston: 30 mins; Waterloo: 38 mins.
But it is usually faster to hop on a bus as follows:
  Blackfriars: 63 to Mount Pleasant;
  Kings Cross: 63 to Mount Pleasant or SL1 or 214 to City Road;
  Euston: SL1 to City Road or 30 or 73 to Amwell St or Angel;
  Liverpool St, Moorgate: 153 or SL2 (see below);
  Waterloo: 4 (see below) or 341 to Saddler's Wells.
Compared to the above, tube travel is quite likely to take longer.

(d) By bus (see also www.busmap.co.uk):
The best buses to use are the 153, stopping beside the St John St
entrance, or the 4, 56 or SL2 (stopping on Goswell Rd). Ask to stop
at City University.  Or use a 19, 38 or 341, e.g. getting off at
their only stop on St John Street then walking downhill (5 mins).

(e) By car / bike / cycle:
Free car parking spaces might be found in nearby streets from 6.30pm.
There is a motor bike space where Wyclif St joins Northampton Square.
Bicycles can be chained to the railings near to either entrance.
A366 will have space for a few small folded bicycles arriving by 6.30.


A charity is need of help for a Linux telephony project, possibly using Bayonne or Voxilla. Using on-line telephone database manipulation

Can you help? email responce at xat.org

Tushar Joshi

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