[Gllug] East London Install fest.

Kim Hawtin kim at aldigital.co.uk
Tue Apr 30 13:50:26 UTC 2002

>  > > ie, an excuse for techies to drink beer.
>  > not really, they do the serious stuff first, then drink beer ...
>  > its how all tech meeting work ... isn't it?
> Trying the other way around isn't usually too productive 8-)

so we've noticed =)
>  > but they are into electronic music, and fractal/math/graphics etc.
>  > radio, tv/cctv and other wyrd stuff.
> When you say 'electronic music', are we talking people making strange
> sounds with power tools and the likes, or music with regular instruments?

i think the short answer is yes. or mabye a better response is both.
> I used to know some 'arty' types who used to do the former, and
> whilst not always aesthetically pleasing, it was certainly interesting
> at times 8-)

for example; one guy has an electric guitar, fed into a laptop, that
was doing some sound processing, and feeding that into a
peizo-electric speaker in a saxophone shaped thing ... at first it
sounded wyrd, but not unpleasant.



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