[Gllug] webcams

E. R. Vaughan e.vaughan at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 6 13:23:20 UTC 2002

| I'm thinking of getting a cheap webcam to play around with.
| I've seen that the Logitech QuickCam Express has linux drivers (though
| not very well supported by the manufacturer) and is only 50 quid so I
| was thinking of getting this.
| Has anyone got experience of using this under linux and could say how
| well it works or would recommend other ones instead?

I have got a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 which cost about #50 and works very
well under 2.4. The insides are made by Philips, who provide a proprietary
module which you insmod together with the pwc module that comes with the
kernel. These cams are *much* better than the cheaper versions.


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