[Gllug] Bandwidth shaping

Vincent AE Scott gllug at codex.net
Wed Apr 3 18:42:49 UTC 2002

Stephen Harker(steve at pauken.co.uk)@Wed, Apr 03, 2002 at 03:02:13PM +0100:
> How do those download managers like Gozilla and the Linux NT downloader
> regulate their download speeds then? Is that further up the OSI layer
> thingo?
> Steve

i believe they only allow the recv() calls to aquire 'x' bytes of data a
second.  that way blocking the kernels buffer until more data is pulled
of it.

at least, thats my guess.

BTW, whats the 'Linux NT downloader' all about?  someusefull program for
upgrading an ailing linux system, into an all singing and dancing
multimedia super sensation from bill the Geezor?

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