[Gllug] Official country code for Britain = GB or UK?

Alain Williams addw at phcomp.co.uk
Sun Apr 14 20:21:36 UTC 2002

On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 09:08:26PM +0100, Roger Whittaker wrote:
> I don't know the answer to this.  However, on my system:
> roger at snark: /home/roger $ echo $LANG
> en_GB
No, that is something different.
What that means is:

	'English'	'_'	'as spoken in Great Britain'
as opposed to:
which means:
	'English'	'_'	'as spoken in the USA'

I wonder if:
(LI == Liverpool) means 'scouse' ?

Alain Williams

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