[Gllug] Scoring Usenet messages.

Mark Lowes hamster at korenwolf.net
Wed Apr 17 06:55:54 UTC 2002

On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 13:45, Colin Murphy wrote:
> KNode has a feature to 'score' messages.

slrn here.

> Does anyone use scoring?  How does it work and where is it applicable?

Not sure how knode does it but scoring in slrn is based on reference,
from, subject and newsgroup (the same filter set as the killfile). 
Sorting of the display can be done by score.  If a message hits multiple
scoring rules the scores are totalled.  ie a message which is in a
thread I'm watching and by a person I want to see posts from will get a
double whammy.

Short version, scoring rocks :)

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