[Gllug] Need a website? Want to update your website? Paying too much to maintain your website?

kennytasc at tiscali.co.uk kennytasc at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Dec 3 09:15:26 UTC 2002

If the above is true you may have already been in touch with web designers who have quoted 
silly money, or you may have tried to do it yourself but you just don't have the knowledge 
required to do a job that matches the professionalism you want to promote.

TASC can take on the work, with NO up front charges and NOTHING to pay unless you are 
completely satisfied - so NO RISK to you!  Even better, our fees average at around HALF of 
what you will have been quoted elsewhere!  A professionally designed website can cost as
little as £500!

So...why so cheap?  Well, two reasons:  firstly, we are good at what we do - we are 
programmers as well as designers, so everything is done quickly, taking less of our time, 
reducing your costs; secondly we base our income on volume - we do lots of work for less 
money, rather than little work for large amounts.  This keeps us fresh and allows us to spread 
the word to lots of businesses - a tactic that we are sure will reap huge rewards into the future.

Best of all....when we design your website, we can provide you with our own web maintenance 
software that will allow you to add or amend the content of your site, allowing you to keep the 
site fresh and updated into the future, without having to rely on any company (with large fees) 
to update it.

If you're interested in getting the best out of your site, increase the flow of traffic and visitor 
returns, then you should get in touch.

You can contact us on:
t. 01294 212432
e. info at tascmanagement.co.uk
w. www.tascmanagement.co.uk
m. TASC Management, 7 Kirkstyle Court, Irvine KA11 1RR

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