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t.clarke(tim at seacon.co.uk)@Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 11:06:20AM +0100:
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> I am sure all of you are probably correct about signatures going at the
> bottom.  But what constitues a signature ??
> In a business environment (eg: me !), I would argue that an email is the
> electronic equivalent of a letter. And as we all know, letters are typed
> on 'letterheads' with a name/address and telephone number at the top and
> a signature (ie simple name of the writer) at the foot.

Dont worry about.  All the old school 'i was writing device drivers on a
PDP10 before you even knew what email was', like sticking to the
traditions of the internet that 'they' built.  Rules and laws have been
carved in stone for the deeply entrenched, and any form of change is
frowned upon.

dont worry tho, help is at hand in the form of Internet2XP.  Proudly
sponsored by those cheeky chearfull chappies at Microsoft.  I2XP will
feature OfficeMail, which will have a far more professional feel to it.
No longer will you be bored with all that 'useless' header information,
signatures wont be required on emails either.  All emails will flow
directly thru to the 'central certification office' where it will be
signed by a trusted third party[1] on your behalf from a national
database of personnal signing keys.  Oh, and a copy will be archived off
to HMG.  Any attempt to use none certified/trusted software for the
sending of emails will be seen as an act of war.

keys:  http://codex.net/pgp/gpg.asc http://codex.net/pgp/pgp.asc

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