[Gllug] Virtual Server howto??

Robert Wood rob at ottgroup.f9.co.uk
Thu Jul 18 04:42:28 UTC 2002

        Im trying to setup a virtual server at home for my friends to
have a home on the web, kind of like a virtual isp type of thing.

        At the moment, i have managed to get virtual email to work
using qmail and vpopmail, so that works lovely, and i can set a virtual
host with Apache no problems, i also have bind working no probs, so all
i really need to do is start to play with and learn sql (i.e. how to
set it up :)) and how to do virtual ftp.

        Is there any more things i should be working on?? I suppose
the aim of this is one big learning curve for me, but i want to be a
mini isp if u get what i mean?? Then i can play the role of sysadmin
hence the learning curve. The plan for me would be that they can
give me a domain, then i can play with bandwidth limitng accounts
and creating virtual pop/ftp accounts, etc

        If anyone can point me in the direction of HOWTO/guide type
document on how to go about this, or even some pointers on what
packages i should be looking at, would eb most appreciated


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