[Gllug] Shiny new Firewall

Stephen Harker steve at pauken.co.uk
Mon Jul 15 19:21:40 UTC 2002

I reinstalled OpenBSD 3.1 on a completely different box, reinstated the 'pf' 
and 'nat' rules (after going over them carefully for changes!!) and disabled 
external ssh access. That should do the trick at least until I can reinstall 
the original machine with the patched versions. Even so, I have never needed 
to ssh in to the firewall directly so I may as well leave it closed.
I have port forwarded port 9997 (for no other reason than that it is out of 
the way) to my internal Linux desktop box (which has openssh 3.4) and I 
always log in to that first from outside and then ssh back to the firewall 
Shall I post the 'pf.conf' rules for people to have a look at or is that a bad 
idea? Is anyone interested in what is on the original box or shall I just 
wipe it and start over?
Stephen Harker
steve at pauken.co.uk

"The sooner we fall behind, the longer we have to catch up!"

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