[Gllug] Unkillable process

Nix nix at esperi.demon.co.uk
Tue Jul 9 22:29:44 UTC 2002

On Tue, 09 Jul 2002, tet at accucard.com moaned:
>>... and nowhere does it have a man page.
> Huh? <quick check> It has a man page on Solaris and AIX, at least. Don't
> have easy access to the others ATM.

Looks like the Solaris at work is missing man pages then :(

I'll have to dig about. I'd put no incompetence past work's sysadmins so
they probably deleted half of them and didn't notice. (They *are* DBAs,
not sysadmins, to be fair: we don't have any official sysadmins, and
they won't let me near root for some incomprehensible reason. I mean, if
I needed it I could get it in minutes because they've never applied
*any* security patches, and I have control of NFS clients that they are
the server for and vice versa... *sigh*)

(They've deleted /usr/bin/i* before and didn't notice until I mentioned
the absence of id(1)... I could have mentioned install(1) and ipcs(8),
but I doubt they'd know what they were :( )

>         strace without arguments writes all STREAMS event trace mes-
>         sages  from  all drivers and modules to its standard output.
>         These messages are obtained from the STREAMS log driver (see
>         log(7D)).

So not terribly useful then. :)

> Never had call to use it myself, even on  a system (DG/UX) where I've
> found myself having a legitimate use for STREAMS.

Such a *nice* system, and SysV buggered it up so badly :(

`There's something satisfying about killing JWZ over and over again.'
                                        -- 1i, personal communication

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