[Gllug] NFS problem (now this is REALLY p*****g me off!)

Tom Gilbert tom at linuxbrit.co.uk
Wed Jul 24 18:23:08 UTC 2002

* John Hearns (john.hearns at cern.ch) wrote:
> As Tush and Vince say - NFS sucks on Linux.

I remember a few years ago having terrible problems with linux NFS. It
used to be incredibly unreliable and prone to hangs, crashes, etc.

Now however, it's great! I've been using it on this network for home
directories and large storage areas for 6 clients, for 18 months+, and
it gets constant, heavy use. I've literally never had a problem with it.
(and couldn't live without it now).

Make sure you enabled NFSv3 in your kernels and have the latest
nfs-related utils installed - the v3 and later stuff is terrific, prior
versions suck lots :)

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