[Gllug] Making CD images

Richard Cottrill richard_c at tpg.com.au
Sat Jul 6 11:02:49 UTC 2002


I'm trying to create some iso files from CDs; but I'm having some problems.
I've done a "cat /dev/scd0 > some.file.iso". This seems to work ok, I get an
error about input or something, but I guess that's it hitting the end of the

The problem comes a few minutes later when my machine crashes hard. It drops
my telnet connection, and refuses to respond at the console. I'm running a
stock SMP SuSE 7.3 machine.

On reboot I can mount the iso file as a loop back device just fine. If it
makes any difference, the file is being created on a fat32 partition.

Any hints about basic problems in my methodology very welcome (a few discs
to do yet). Likewise any suggestions for what's causing this crash, or how
to investigate further.



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