[Gllug] Servers and other irritations...

Matthew Kirkwood matthew at hairy.beasts.org
Wed Jul 31 23:31:50 UTC 2002

On 1 Aug 2002, Mike Brodbelt wrote:

> imapd[29117]: IOERROR: writing HK^Q^HàT"@èT"@èT"@ðT"@ðT"@
> øT"@øT"@: Bad file descriptor

Things like this scare me[0], because they often indicate
a cracked service.  However, since this is cyrus imapd and
now the evil Washington one, this probably isn't what's

> Jul 29 12:56:21 castor master[256]: process 29117 exited, signaled to
> death by 11

sig11 is a segfault.  It's commonly seen where hardware
has gone marginal (esp. RAM).  See:


If the machine hasn't seen a kernel upgrade recently, it's
not likely that it knows how to report failing ECC RAM.

It may be that you have bad RAM, but it's also possible
that some other piece of hardware has gone flaky and is,
for example, drawing too much power for the rest of the
system to stay solid.

The ld-linux.so.2 errors are just because that half-library,
half-executable is required to load all other dynamically-
linked binaries.


[0] Actually, imap in general terrifies me, and only
    because of the number of poor unfortunate boxes I
    have seen r00t3d through the WU imapd.

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