[Gllug] [OT]Junk swap

rcottril at tpg.com.au rcottril at tpg.com.au
Mon Jul 22 12:42:15 UTC 2002

Attempt 2 (attempt 1 was bounced as spam - which 
this is - but farily relevant spam I hope you'll 

I need: an UltraBay CD-ROM (to suit an IBM 
Thinkpad 770)

I am offering: boxed copies of "Black or White" 
and "Shogun: Total War"; and a Sony Trinitron TV 
(small, colour, no remote); and a complete 486Dx2-
66 (just the box, inc. SCSI disc, memory, etc).

Call me at 07899808040 (preferably) reply off-
list. I can drop the games off anywhere within 
tube range, but the big stuff will have to be 
colected from my place in Whitechapel. The deal 
is for everything; but I realise there is a limit 
to the number of televisions and 486s a person 

Preference given to people who get the CD Drive 
into my hands the quickest.


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