[Gllug] Debian on SPARC 64bit

tet at accucard.com tet at accucard.com
Wed Jul 3 14:58:27 UTC 2002

>Might I be better off with Solaris even though I'd rather avoid it
>(being non-free and never having used it before)?

That last sentence alone is enough to convince me that you should
try it with Solaris, or at the very least, as a dual boot. Yes, I'm
somewhat of a Linux bigot. But I'm that way because I've tried all
the others (and yes, I really do mean pretty much *all* the others,
IRIX being the notable exception), and have found Linux to be the
one with which I'm most comfortable.

I'd recommend to anyone that they experience as many flavours of
Unix as possible. It's an invaluable learning experience, and will
make you a much better Unix admin and/or developer. Solaris has
some nice things that aren't quite there yet in Linux, such as
multipathing. Worth playing around with, at least, and it'll
broaden your horizons.


PS. In answer to your original question, you should have no problems
    with Linux on that machine. I've been using Linux on sparc and
    sparc64 for years without problems.

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